Yvon Ngassam: Bandjoun

For quite some time now Bandjoun, the most important Bamileke chiefdom in West Cameroon, has been known on the international art scene as the place where Cameroonian artist Barthélémy Toguo established his art centre Bandjoun Station.

In 2017 Yvon Ngassam, spent a two-month residency at Bandjoun Station. There, he developed his Bandjoun series, a body of work presenting various aspects of life in the chiefdom, from local administration, religion, education and economy through to architecture, landscape, and how life is affected by the urbanisation brought about by modernisation.

Presented here is a selection from this series. Some of this photographs were exhibited at OGU MAG gallery in Tokyo in August 2017 and OTHNI, Yaounde in November 2017.

One of the most promising photographers from Cameroon, Yvon Ngassam will take part in the Dakar Biennial 2018 curated by Simon Njami.

Read Yvon Ngassam’s biography and view more of his work here.

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All images © Yvon Ngassam.

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