Blaise Djilo: Against the Current

Blaise Djilo‘s series Against the Current (À Contre-Courant), 2015, presents the legacy of the late Aladji Garou, one of N’Gaoundere (North Cameroon) dignitaries who, in the late 1980s, built a religious and educational facility to help foster the integration of the local Muslim youth within civil society.

Located in the Mosque is a French-Arabic primary school which initial remit was to offer formal education to early-married young girls and women. This school receives more than 500 male and female pupils every year and also provides evening lessons for women wishing to take their Certificate of Primary Education. Alongside national curriculum, those pupils are also taught Arabic and the Coran.

Djilo’s images document the school and pupils, the decorative motives, and the Mosque’s architectural elements often presented through sharp photographic angles.

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